Magnificent win For Northern Ireland

A magnificent win for Northern Ireland.   Irish fans are united in both supporting and celebrating Northern Ireland’s great win in Lyon France today.

Congratulations to Northern Ireland on their magnificent win against Ukraine in Lyon.  Great team Great performance.

UEFA Euro 2016 France

The UEFA Euro 2016 France, championship finals are underway with some surprise results already like Wales win over Slovakia in their opening game on Saturday.

Sadly Northern Ireland suffered their first defeat but did themselves and their fans proud with a very strong performance keeping Poland to just 1 goal.  This is a very difficult group for Northern Ireland with matches against Ukraine and Germany to come, however I believe Northern Ireland can beat Ukraine and hopefully get a draw against Germany.

Rep of Ireland, uefa euro 2016 France

Rep of Ireland, uefa euro 2016 France

Northern Irelan, uefa euro 2016 France..

Northern Irelan, uefa euro 2016 France..

The Republic of Ireland start  their UEFA Euro 2016 France, championship campaign against Sweden and we are hoping for a winning start but like Northern Ireland we have a very difficult group with Belgium and Italy also to overcome.  With a fully fit team and the rub of the green we can qualify from this group.


For information on all match fixtures click here:


Irish pubs in France will be jammed with fans from both the North and South for at least the next two weeks at least and who knows the party could continue for at least another week or more all going well. For all the Irish fans in France here are some Irish pubs where you can enjoy the craic.






Ireland V Scotland the Final Six Nations Showdown

Ireland v Scotland the Final Six Nations showdown takes place this weekend in Dublin.  We will all be hoping for Ireland to end the six nations rugby championships on a high with a big win against the Scots but it’s not going to be easy.  While we had a massive win in our last match against Italy we have only one win and one draw to show for our efforts in the championship so far, Scotland on the other hand have already had two wins against Italy and France.  Ireland’s record away to Scotland is not great and the Scots will be on a high following their win against France.

It should be a great match as both teams are evenly balanced but as Ireland are currently in second last position in the Six Nations Rugby league table it is vital that we get a win in this match as this would lift us above Scotland and into third position and this would help to keep our world rankings at a high level.

Thousands of fans will be heading from Scotland to Dublin this weekend now that Paddy’s Day celebrations are out of the way they will no doubt be looking for a big Irish win to continue the celebrations and where better to celebrate than in a good Irish pub.

So here are some good Irish pubs that we recommend where all rugby fans  can watch the match if you don’t have a match ticket and also to celebrate an Irish win which we all believe is going to be the result.

 Ireland v Scotland Six Nations Final showdown, Alfie Byrnes Pub Dublin

Alfie Byrnes Pub Dublin

Alfie Byrnes, Earlsfort Terrace

Alfie Byrnes is the only Galway Bay brewery pub in the Dublin that shows sports on a big screen. They’ve got a vast selection of craft beers and serves up burgers, big meals, and match day snacks.  Alfie Byrnes which is part of the Galway Bay brewery, brew brew their own craft beer.  Some of their selection includes; Of Foam and Fury, Full Sail, Bay Ale, Stormy Port, Via Maris, Mare Incognita and Buried at Sea. Keep an eye on their rotational tap for limited edition brews too.  They also have a huge range of imported and local bottled beers.

Ireland V Scotland the Final Six Nations Showdown,  The Bankers Pub  Dublin

The Bankers Pub Dublin

The Bankers, Dame Lane

Situated on the south side of the city beside the famous Temple Bar and Grafton Street areas, The Bankers is renowned for its food, drink and warm welcome. The Bankers is a small bar that has a great atmosphere on match days. It’s a pub where people meet up before the match pubs where you see people are celebrating after the match.  A nice small bar where the atmosphere is nicely condensed. They’ve got la good selection of bottled craft beers, as well beer on tap. They’ve also got the Teller Room upstairs if you want to have a sit down meal afterwards.



Ireland V Scotland the Final Six Nations Showdown, Kelys Pub Donnybrook.

Kielys Pub Donnybrook.

Kiely’s Pub, Donnybrook

Kiely’s of Donnybrook could be considered the spiritual pub home of Irish rugby. It’s located right beside Old Wesley rugby club and boasts a long history of supporting Irish rugby. It was immortalised in the Ross O’Carroll Kelly books as the place to go for rugby fans, so much so that they’ve erected a plaque to him in the toilets. They’ve got food, some craft beer, and atmosphere to rival any pub.


The Traveller Community a Dilemma for Irish Pubs

Whether to serve or refuse to serve members of the the Traveller community a dilemma for Irish pubs which is refusing to go away.  While the law states clearly that a publican cannot refuse to serve customers on the basis of any of the following: Gender, Marital status, Family status, Sexual orientation,  Religious belief or lack of religious belief, Age, Disability, Race, Colour, Nationality, Ethnic or National origin, Membership of the Traveller community.

However  in the Vintners Federation of Ireland website (VFI Frequently asked questions) it states that under the Equal Status Act   a publican can refuse to serve a customer  on the grounds that there is provision particularly in Section 15 of the Act which means that refusal in certain circumstances does not constitute discrimination. The grounds mentioned in section 15 include actions taken for the sole purpose of ensuring compliance with the provision of the Liquor Licencing Acts and to avoid any substantial risk of criminal or disorderly conduct or behaviour or damage to property at or in the vicinity of the pub.  It appears to be the areas of the risk of disorderly conduct or behaviour or damage to property at or in the vicinity of the pub. that give genuine reason for publicans to refuse to serve members of the Traveller community.

Vast Majority of Travellers are Law Abiding.

While the vast majority of the Traveller community are law abiding people however there is a small minority who ocassionaly indulge in disorderly conduct and behaviour and this in many instances results in damage to property.  The most frequent instances of this type of behaviour occurs at events like Traveller weddings and funerals when members of different family clans meet and inevitably revive some old bitter feud or dispute. Travel into any town on the day of a Traveller  wedding or funeral and you will see practically every pub with their doors closed because of their fear of trouble and also of their dilemma in serving Travellers


Traveller organisations will no doubt shout that this is discrimination, however, it would be better if they acknowledged that this is a serious problem within their community and take the necessary steps to stamp out this anti social behaviour. Following the introduction of the Equal Status Act certain members of the Traveller community specialised in going into pubs with the sole intention of being refused service and then proceed to take legal action against the publican and it is sad to say that many judges were sympathetic to these claims for compensation on the grounds of discrimination until they inevitably saw that this was a money making scam by these members of the Traveller community and it is good to see that legal actions like this are being scrutenised more rigidly to see the genuineness of each case. It is difficult enough for publicans to run a successful business in the current economic environment without the fear of spurious legal actions hanging over their heads.

While we all support equality for everyone and oppose all forms of discrimination if the Traveller community want to be served in pubs then they must act responsibly.  Publicans must always have the right to refuse to serve anyone whom they consider to be likely to cause problems to their business and this must apply to all people whether they are  from the settled or traveller communities.

New Super Pub For Dublin Now in Doubt

JD Wetherspoons The Three Tuns Pub  in Blackrock, Dublin

JD Wetherspoons The Three Tuns Pub in Blackrock, Dublin

Plans for a new super pub for Dublin City by U.K pub group JD Wetherspoon have been put on hold following complaints by local residents. This is according to an article by Gordon Deegan in on the 15th March 2016. According to Mr. Deegan’s article.  It follows Dublin City Council requesting further information from the UK pub giant on its plans for a super pub on the site of a former homeless hostel at Camden Hall.   It said the scheme would create 100 jobs if it gets the green light.  In response to concerns by local residents, the City Council told the applicants that it would encourage entertainment uses in the area that would help create an exciting city for residents and tourists.

The council stated: “However, there is a need to strike an appropriate balance between the role of these entertainment uses in the economy of the city and ensure a balanced mix of uses and protect the amenities of residents from an over-concentration of late-night venues.”  The council told the applicants that it has “concern in relation to the over-concentration of bars and restaurants on Camden Street”.  The City Council said its concerns were due to an “over-concentration” of bars and restaurants in the area and a “shortage of hotel rooms in the city”.  The Council also stated that it had concerns in relation to the noise from the proposed lower ground-floor restaurant and outdoor seating area.  As a result, the Council has asked Wetherspoons to justify the reduction in the number of hotel bedrooms and submit a map showing the number of bars on Camden Street and Wexford Street in order to establish if there is an over- concentration in the area.  Consultants for Wetherspoons stated that closing time would be 12.30am on Fridays and Saturdays and “the proposed bar will not be a late-night bar in the traditional sense”.  Source

JD Wetherspoon low drinks prices

JD Wetherspoon pub group who are renowned for their low drinks prices and real value for money bar food already operates five bars in Ireland, including The Three Tun Tavern in Blackrock, The Forty Foot in Dun Laoghaire, The Great Wood in Blanchardstown, and The Old Borough in Swords. The Linen Weaver in Cork is the company’s first pub outside of Dublin.  JD Wetherspoon pubs in Ireland do not sell either Guinness or Heineken apparently due to disagreements with both breweries. It is believed that the JD Wetherspoon group plan on opening a further thirty pubs in various cities and towns around Ireland.


Irish Pubs Craft Beers Review

Irish Pubs Craft Beers review looks at one of Ireland’s fastest growing sectors of the Irish drinks industry. The popularity of craft beers in recent years  has surprised everyone in the industry.  1996 saw the beginning the craft beer industry in Ireland on a commercial scale.  The new wave of craft beer microbreweries started with the establishment of Biddy Early’s brew pub in Co. Clare in 1995 and the Dublin Brewing Company in Smithfield, Dublin in 1996.

Today we have over fifty successful craft beer breweries and brew pubs all over Ireland.  O’ Haras Craft beer is one of the early success stories.  Based in Carlow the company was established in 1996 and last year 2015 O’ Haras craft beers had become the most popular and biggest selling craft beer in Ireland. Another of the early pioneers in craft beer micro brewing is Porterhouse in Dublin. These pioneers have blazed a trail that has now seen craft beers reach the great heights it has achieved today.

 Irish Pubs Craft Beer Review, O' Hara's Craft Beers, Irish Craft beers

O’ Hara’s Craft Beers

O’ Hara’s Craft Beers.

O’Hara’s Brewery brew traditional Irish craft beers and our own interpretation of international beer styles, including stouts and ales, wheat beers and lagers, all carrying the brewery founders family name O’Hara’s. Each beer is crafted using classic brewing methods to create the traditional Irish beers styles that have long since been forgotten by many of the larger breweries.  O Hara’s Craft Beers use just four main ingredients; water, malts, hops and yeast to produce the highest quality craft beer range. O’ Hara’s craft brewers also produce seasonal and limited editions each year.

O’ Hara’s organise guided tours of their brewery and the Carlow Brewing Team will walk you through the brewing process.  The brewery tour will take you on a journey through Ireland’s indigenous craft brewing history, teach you about the brewing process and how O’Hara’s award winning beers are brewed.  You will of course have the opportunity to taste the special malts and smell the hops that make O’Hara’s craft beers so enjoyable.  The tour ends with a visit to O’Hara’s tasting room where you will have the chance to sample and compare some of their award winning craft beers.


,Craft Beer review Porter House Craft beer

Porter House Craft beer pub in Temple Bar Dublin

Porterhouse Craft Beers

In 1996 Liam La Hart and Oliver Hughes opened  the first Porterhouse in Temple Bar, putting in Ireland’s first brew pub and specialised in importing various beers from around the world.  They later started to brew their own craft beer and the Porterhouse Plain Porter has won a gold medal at the world’s most prestigious international brewing industry award (it is the brewing Oscars) not once but twice in 1998/1999 and 2011/2012.  In 1999 they opened a Porterhouse in Covent Garden, London, followed by the Porterhouse in Glasnevin, Dublin. Porterhouse also purchased Lillie’s Bordello and created Porterhouse Central on Nassau Street, Dublin and most recently have opened a franchise in New York in a marvelous historic tavern called Fraunces Tavern.


Craft beers review,  Galway Bay Craft Beers

Galway Bay Craft Beers

Galway Bay Brewery Craft Beers

When it comes to enjoying beer, they usually like full on flavour. That’s why Galway Bay Craft Brewery  hand-craft their beers in small batches using carefully selected hops to make a punchy, tasty brew.

They have just opened a new brewery which will give them better consistency across batches. The Galway Bay Craft Beer new brewery has a greater capacity too, which means more delicious beers for everyone. You can try Galway Bay craft beers beers at any of their eight bars in Galway and Dublin. Some of the Galway Bay craft beers include, Full Sail, The simple malt bill gives an ABV of 5.8% which carries the flavour and really allows the hops to shine through.  Bay Ale, is a copper coloured, traditional ale with malt and hop aromas and a smooth and well-balanced flavour.  Stormy Port, this Rich and Complex beer boasts its roasted coffee notes and hides certain sweetness and chocolate flavours in the background.

Seamus Moore “The Hurr” Country Star and Publican

Irish pubsSeamus Moore The Hurr Country Star and PublicanSeamus Moore “The Hurr” Country Star and Publican is one of the best known artists on the Irish country music scene in Ireland, England, Scotland, Mainland Europe, and believe it or not he is also big in Japan and even bigger than Beyonce in Moneygall and Bohola.  Seamus Moore, AKA The JCB Man  was born in Callan, Co. Kilkenny,  His stage name The JCB Man came from his early days in London when he first arrived in London he worked on the buildings with Murphy’s one of the biggest London based Irish construction companies.  One of Seamus’s first jobs was driving a JCB machine,


The Country Star JCB Man.

While Seamus Moore was working for Murphy’s he was also the lead singer in a band that played all the Irish pubs and clubs in London.  In the early 1970’s he formed his own country band called the Jamboree Country Band.  Around that time Seamus entered and won the I&B Records talent contest with one of his own songs “The JCB song, at the Irish Music and Dance Festival in Southport.  The song went on to be a massive hit for Seamus and from then on he  became known as the JCB Man. Seamus became so famous on the Irish country music scene that the JCB company became his main sponsor with their logo on his tour van, baseball cap and Tshirts.

The Publican.

Because Seamus Moore started his music career in the Irish pubs in London he decided to get involved in the pub business in the mid 1970’s.  He went on to manage many well known Irish pubs in London and later owned big music venues like The Blarney Stone, The Castle and more recently Conways 3 which sadly closed down in February.  He opened Conway’s 3 as a music venue in 2009 hoping to make the most of a gap in the live music market following the closure of the Galtymore dance hall in Cricklewood Broadway in 2008.  Up until then the Galtymore had been the mecca for Irish men and women looking for love and indeed the Galtymore was probably the place where Paddy met his first wife there and when the marriage failed they went back to the Galtymore for their second or even third wife.  Love was always in the air at the Galtymore.

During his time in the pub trade Seamus always promoted Irish country music and gave many young artists their first break in the business and he also brought some of the big stars over from Ireland .  At Conways 3 Seamus continued to bring the big acts from Ireland but unfortunately the venue was not big enough to make it viable.  He was competing with the undertaker who was also taking away many of his aging patrons and younger people now arriving in London no longer support the old fashioned Irish pubs playing Irish country music. It appears they prefer to go to the trendy Yaaah Yaaah pubs and clubs in London’s West End.

Seamus Moore “The Hurr” Back touring again.

In an interview with the Irish World newspaper Seamus said “I’m going to concentrate on doing my own music. I’m looking forward to the Ploughing Championships and going to the US but I’ve no plans to take over another pub, as such”.  I have no doubt that Seamus Moore “The Hurr”  will continue to entertain his many thousands of fans in Ireland, England and the U.S.A for many years to come and who knows sometime in the future he might even open a big modern Irish country club in London and bring back the magic of the old Galtymore.

New Video “The Drunken Dream”

Seamus Moore has just released his latest video called the Drunken Dream its available on iTunes so why not download it, its good craic and and it will get you away from the every day stress of to days modern life.  Download it you’ll enjoy it, you will to be sure.

Here’s wishing you every success in the future Seamus.


Dublin Pubs Welcome Italian Rugby Fans


Six Nations Rugby, Aviva stadium Dublin

Aviva stadium Dublin

Dublin Pubs welcome Italian rugby fans this weekend. The Six Nations Rugby match between Ireland and France will see in invasion of Italian rugby fans to the capital city and we say to all visiting Italian fans “Benvenuto godere la vostra visita a Dublino” (Welcome enjoy your visit to Dublin).  The Italian rugby team like the Irish rugby team have seen little or no success so far in this championship season with Ireland on just one point from their first three games and Italy on zero points are looking at the wooden spoon as their reward for their efforts. So while we love to see the Italian fans coming to Ireland to support their team there will be no love for the Italian team during the eighty minutes of action on the pitch at the Aviva Stadium.

Italian fans always bring great colour and like to party and  always celebrate whether its victory or defeat. 

Here are just some of the pubs in Dublin where you can enjoy the match and  all Dublin pubs welcome Italian rugby fans; 

This is an old fashioned pub in the Rathmines area of Dublin. Their claim to fame is that they offer the best and cheapest pint in town with pleasant friendly staff to welcome and serve you.  Here you’ll find locals and visitors enjoying the craic and atmosphere. As well as a great pint there’s great live music and Irish home cooked food plus all the major sporting events live on large TV screens. So whether you are a local or a visitor from afar you will find a warm welcome at Madison’s bar.

Taylors Three Rock Bar,Grange Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin

The Panoramic view and rural setting of Taylor’s Three Rock makes this one of the most idyllically set public houses in Dublin.  Taylors is a rambling farmhouse bar with the largest thatched roof in Ireland soaring to over 50 feet.  At Taylor’s Three Rock you’ll find informal traditional music sessions in the relaxing farmhouse late night bar, which serve superb food all day.  The disconcerning connoisseur will appreciate the extensive menus, which are superior and adventurous, but it’s the lively atmosphere, constant buzz and youthfulness which really distinguishes this venue.

Grogans Pub, 15 South William Street, Dublin

A warm and friendly atmosphere that you would expect from your local, but with the lively buzz and intensity of an authentic Dublin city pub. Open 7 days a week, Grogans is the perfect spot to grab a light snack, a pint of porter or a pot of tea.  Our famous toasties made with Irish cheddar cheese and traditional deli ham are available throughout the day and night. If you ask us for a ‘Special’ we guarantee that you will not be disappointed.  One of the few bars left where your conversation needn’t compete with a wide screen TV or stereo. Grogans is the perfect spot for catching up with friends or taking time out alone with the newspaper. With a varied clientele and good-humoured, friendly staff you can be sure of a warm welcome every visit.

Click Here for more good pubs in Dublin


Trad For Trocaire is Making a Real Difference

Irish Pubs, Trad For Trocaire  is making a real difference

Trad For Trocaire is Making a Real Difference to the live of many people who are less fortunate than ourselves.  Trocaire volunteers are doing amazing work in countries where people are the victims of war famine and natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, typhoons hurricanes and tropical cyclones.  The people who suffer most from these events are  by and large the poorest people in these countries.

Irish pubs have played a very important role in helping to raise much needed funds for Trocaire’s good work by organising Trad for Trocaire events.  The Trad for Trocaire fundraiser has become very popular as the traditional musicians and singers give their time and talents free of charge and people are able to enjoy some of the best traditional Irish music while at the same time providing much needed funds Trocaire’s work.

The main Trad for Trocaire event is usually held during late September early October however many pubs hold trad  events at different times of the year and now could be a good time to organise an event especially as many people try to give up something or do something good for “Lent”. Since it was first launched in 2010 over 1,500 events have been held throughout Ireland and also in the U.K and the U.S.A.   Over €560,000 has been raised by musicians and music lovers to fund Trócaire’s programmes overseas.

The wars in Syria and Iraq where over 8 million people have been forced out of their homes leaving all their possessions behind.  Trócaire volunteers are working in Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon and also in European countries like Greece and Italy where ref providing food, shelter, clean water and other basic needs, and has reached over 93,000 people to date.  Some pubs here in Ireland and Irish pubs in England and the U.S are planning special Trad for Trocaire events over this St. Patrick’s weekend so if you’re local pub is having a fundraiser drop along ang give them your support because your support will help Trocaire bring vital aid to many of the unfortunate refugees who have lost everything. and we will keep you updated on any pubs that we become aware of running trad sessions for Trocaire over the holiday weekend.

Here are some pictures of past Trad for Trocaire events.

Irish pubs,  Kathryn Thomas RTE taking part in a Trad for Trocaire event

Kathryn Thomas RTE taking part in a Trad for Trocaire event

Irish Pubs, Trad-for-Trocaire , Connolly's Pub in Ballagh

Trad-for-Trocaire , Connolly’s Pub in Ballagh

Irish pubs Trad for Trocaire, Daithi Kearney (Castlemartyr) playing with musicians at Wallis' Bar Midleton

Daithi Kearney and friends (Castlemartyr) at Wallis’ Bar Midleton








Click Here if you would like to organise an event.  An average Trad for Trócaire event raises €320. This is enough money to provide two clean water pumps for a whole community, as well as giving two families access to equipment needed for creating a sustainable garden.

Every €500 provides 20 children with school fees and books to ensure they have the chance of a better future through education and every €1,000 provides 30 families with enough dry food items (i.e. cereals and pulses) to feed themselves for a month during periods of drought.  So no matter how big or small the event, your session has the power to change the lives of people who are less fortunate than ourselves.

Pour Your own Beer a new Trend in Irish Pubs

Irish Pubs, Capture pour your own beer  Tables

Pour your own beer Tables

Pour Your own Beer a new trend in Irish Pubs that appears to finally be catching on. The concept of being able to go into your favourite pub take a seat at a table and pour your own beer seemed a good idea when it was originally launched by Guinness a few years ago.  Pouring your own beer would get rid of the hassle of  having to stand in ques and wait for the bartender to serve you.  While this idea first started out in Ireland it has grown in popularity in pubs, bars and restaurants around the world.  Experiencing the thrill of pulling the perfect pint of Guinness, beer or lager creates a fun and engaging experience  for patrons while it can also be an extremely efficient & highly profitable source of revenue for pub owners and managers as it would automatically reduce the amount of bar staff required.

How it works is that the customer first shows their  ID to prove they’re the legal age to purchase alcohol. Some of the pour your own beer system give the customer the opportunity to preload money on a card used to purchase beer they pour from the taps on their table or on a special pour your own beer wall. Prices are listed by the ounce rather than by the pint or half pint, so customers  only pay for the the amount they want.  Prices are listed by the ounce rather than the glass, so patrons only pay for exactly the amount they want.   The pour your own systems give customers the opportunity to customize their drinking experience whether that means pouring the exact number of ounces they want however some of the systems have maximum limits  and will only units dispense only 32-ounces and no more than two beers at a time.

The cost of installing pour your own  beer tables or beer walls can range from €3,500 to €15,000 however many publicans believe that the thrill and experience of customers being able to pour their own pint will provide them with a good return on their investment.

Pour your own beer social media influence.

Social media has also played a major role in the popularity of the pour your own beer with breweries, and pubs publishing posts and tweets inviting their customers to come and pour their own beer.  Customers then started to post video clips and selfies on Facebook, tweeting all their friends on Twitter and putting pics on Pinterest and Instagram

Pour your own beer a new trend in  Irish Pubs, Kelvin Ryne Instagram

Kelvin Reyne Pour your own beer competition, Instagram

Irish pubs offering the pour your own beer system is growing in number.  Here are some pubs in Ireland where you can pour your own beer.

Durty Nelly’s  in Bunratty , Co. Clare  was one of the first pubs in Ireland to provide pour your own beer.

The Brew Dock Bar in Dublin also have a selection of pour your own beers available.

The Skeff Bar in the Skeffington Hotel in Galway were also one of first bars in the West of Ireland offering pour your own beer.